3 fully equipped housekeeping cottages with beautiful views of the McKenzie River located by the bridge in the village of McKenzie Bridge, OR. Has a beach front along the river with fire pit, comfortable chairs and picnic tables. Fly fishing and play area in front cottages. Cottages sleep from 4 to 7 persons each with bedrooms and lofts. Located close to many outdoor activities-fishing, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, golf, etc. Restaurants and Hot Springs close by. Fireplaces and air conditioning units in all cottages.

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  • Cabin number 1

    A-Frame cottage with large windows facing the river. Cabin1_04_gallery_thumb
  • bedroom

    Queen size in bedrooms, doubles and singles in lofts Cabin1interior_01_thumb
  • Special Yard

    Enjoyable landscaping for rest and relaxation Benchdriveway_02_thumb
  • Loft

    Two cottages have lofts with multiple beds Cabin2interior_16_thumb
  • Deck views

    Cottages have decks facing the river and picture windows with great views Dsc00797_2_thumb
  • River view

    This is what you see from your cottage River02_thumb
  • Beach

    Chairs, fire pits, picnic tables, grassy area at rivers edge to relax and enjoy River08_thumb
  • River traffic

    Just one of the many activities of the area--river rafting, fishing, hiking, hot springs, biking, winter sports, etc. River19_thumb